Batlhalefi Holdings regards the construction industry as a potentially significant contributor to employment and economic growth in South Africa. A welcome development for the industry is Government’s infrastructure plan, aligned to the National Development Plan, which aims to address South Africa’s infrastructure needs over the medium to long term.

Government and key industry players have established a trust fund (funded by the industry players over the next twelve years) aimed at enabling socio-economic development in te sector. The trust fund will be used to:
a) develop and enhance the construction industry in line with Government‘s transformation objectives (promote development, education and upliftment of previously disadvantaged people); and
b) develop emerging contractors and local suppliers (emphasizing employment creation, entrepreneurial opportunities, competitiveness and sustainability).


Applicable Services & Outputs

Batlhalefi Holdings sees itself leveraging its relationship with a number of its partners to take advantage of and maximize its footprint on account of the current industry landscape. Our offerings here will cover a broad spectrum of services offerings as follows -

Do not hesitate to contact us on for any further information or for a formal proposal on any of our above listed services.

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