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Employment Equity Statement

Batlhalefi Holdings is committed to recruiting quality people and developing their potential in order to enhance their careers and to support the company in sustaining its competitive edge. To achieve this, taking South Africa’s history into account, Batlhalefi Holdings commits itself to an employment equity programme to accelerate a culture of diversity. Batlhalefi Holdings recognizes its responsibility to equal opportunities for those people who are socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged. Accelerating opportunity for the disadvantaged does not mean that the career development of others will be ignored. Our people will continue to be recognised for their competencies on merit. The employment equity programme will have well defined goals and will be developed in terms of the requirements of the relevant legislation and all that is necessary for compliance thereof. Implementation of the programme will be handled with sensitivity, commitment and fairness.

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Risk Management Statement

Batlhalefi Holdings recognises that it has a responsibility to manage risks effectively in order to control its assets and liabilities, protect its shareholders, employees and community against potential losses, minimise uncertainty in achieving its goals and objectives and maximise the opportunities to achieve its vision. We are equally aware that some risks can never be eliminated fully and we will address these through a structured, systematic and focused approach to managing risk. Risk management is an integral part of the Batlhalefi Holdings corporate governance framework and forms part of the management processes of the company and overall approach to delivering continuous improvement through proactive risk mitigation.

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Corporate Governance Statement

Batlhalefi Holdings is committed to ensure that its systems, procedures and practices reflect a high standard of corporate governance. The Batlhalefi Holdings corporate governance framework is critical in maintaining high standards of corporate governance and fostering a culture that values ethical behaviour, integrity and respect to protect all our stakeholders and clients’ interests at all times. The Directors fully understand the responsibility they have to lead the company effectively, ethically and transparently, and focuses on steering the company in the right direction through a combination of strategy, effective leadership and sound corporate governance.

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Ethics Statement

Batlhalefi Holdings will maintain appropriate policies to guide its shareholders and employees with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could damage business reputation and otherwise result in adverse consequences to the Company and to employees involved. The purpose of the Ethics Policy is to affirm the required standards of conduct and practices with respect to business practices and general interaction with staff and clients.

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