Batlhalefi Holdings recognises that Information Communication Technology is a fundamental driver for global economies. This is especially true for businesses that wish to be ahead of the game when it comes to ensuring competitive advantage and sustained growth. Forrester predicts that by 2020 the explosion of business-ready, self-service technologies and the growing influence of a tech-savvy, self-sufficient workforce will reshape Information and Communication Technology products and services within organisations.

Our products and services incorporate international best-practice open standard methodologies, modelling languages, customised tools and templates (packaged for deployment within specific product lifecycle phases within organisations by small teams of professionals without the need for large support contracts or expensive training engagements). We also provide training, tools and services in partnership with academic and private institutions to professionals within the information security domain across Africa.


Business Architecture (SimplifyBX product)

Even though most business and ICT leaders agree that effective management and exploitation of information can make a difference in their organisations there is no substantial amounts of money available in most medium sized organisations to tackle the complex architectural issues of today. We understand the challenges facing these organisations and developed a unique approach; combining training, mentoring and software into a single product deployable within an organisation of any size that is mindful of the following limitations:

  • Individuals have multiple roles in the organisation.
  • Limited availability of professionals with architecture, process or analysis skills.
  • Limited resources in the organisation available for administrative product support.
  • Limited budget for expensive modelling or analysis tools.
  • Limited budget for specialist consulting engagements.

Our integrated approach in addressing these issues is called Simplify BX (Simplify your Business Systems); and consists of a program of integrated Business Architecture training and mentoring, supported by the Open Source Archi Modelling tool.

We follow a flipped classroom approach that draws on such concepts as active learning, delegate engagement, hybrid course design, and course podcasting. The value of a flipped class is in the repurposing of class time into a workshop where delegates can enquire about lecture content, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities. During class sessions, instructors function as coaches or advisors, encouraging delegates in individual inquiry and collaborative effort.

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Integrated Skills Plan Development & Online Facilitation

Although businesses have generic ICT organisational role descriptions they do require very specific skills from their personnel. This differs between organisations making it very difficult to implement a generic solution into organisations.

We assist organisations with Assessment & Foundational Training to identify and select candidates that will need to participate in the training and on-boarding them into the engagement by providing foundational training.

This is followed by Capability Enablement Training that is geared towards helping the candidates in their environment and can consist of in context tool training and proof-of-concept project guidance that demonstrate how working together is creating a sustainable work environment

Lastly, we have coaching that is focused on supporting the group as they now apply their new found skills and knowledge within a live environment. The coach will act as a sounding board and will provide support and clarification as required during the project. The real value of this approach is realised when the theoretical training on specific industry best-practices are integrated into the organisations own methodologies.

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) forms a core part of our offering. A VLE is a set of online tools and resources that facilitate various aspects of the online education experience, including communication, assessments, and information and document sharing.

The VLE contains a standardised training layout with templates for the creation of custom training modules based on organisational specific methods. Our VLE provide support for skills development engagements in organisations to enable skills development to a Proficient level on the Dreyfus model by combining appropriate level of training and coaching from our consulting services. Through our network of specialists and academics we can offer organisations a range of ICT skills development services.

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ICT Skills Development Programmes

In support of our integrated skills development approach we do offer some off-the-shelf capability enablement training - geared towards helping the candidates in their work environments. This is by no means an exhaustive offering as we are always ready, willing and able to customise and or develop new offerings that are aligned to your own integrated skills development plan.

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Cyber Security Development Programmes

South Africa is experiencing immense shortages of Cyber Security Specialists and especially shortages in focused training opportunities for corporate staff. We provide training, tools and services in partnership with various academic and private institutions. Our training courses are presented via workshops offered in Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban as well as via full e-learning, to cater for local and international participants. The content is developed by specialists within the private and academic sectors and is uniquely built for the African environment. We pride ourselves in providing Cyber Security training interventions designed to build competencies in Cyberwarfare (foundational, defensive, offensive and advanced levels). These learning paths are critical for security specialists who need to evaluate risks and threats; propose and incorporate suitable countermeasures; understand law enforcement and forensics; be able to analyse, plan and create effective policies and strategies, defend against all types of adversaries and be on par with information warfare defence and attack mechanisms. The learning paths we offer are indicated below


Cyber Security Development Programmes
  • Cyber Analysis Level 1
  • Cyber Analysis Level 2
  • Cyber Forensics Level 1
  • Cyber Forensics Level 2
  • Cyber Security Governance
  • Penetration Testing Level 1
  • Penetration Testing Level 2
  • Programming Security: Failures & Countermeasures
  • Cyber-Crime Investigations (for Non-ICT)
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Cyber Security for Executives
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Digital Solutions

We offer bespoke and high end software solutions that are relevant and affordable. Over a 20 year period we have, together with our strategic partner, developed numerous quality software solutions covering sports management, education, training and development, finance, procurement, human resource management and collaboration management. We are able to offer clients off-the-shelf products, customisation thereof and even development of solutions to the customers’ specification.

We pride ourselves in that all our developers and programmers are South African and all our solutions are hosted locally in Johannesburg. We understand computing technology and are therefore able to select and exploit the best technology for the job at hand. Our aim is improve business efficiencies and effectiveness through the deployment of technology solutions that are easy-to-use and relevant. We see information technology as a fundamental enabler of business productivity and a strategic lever for sustainable growth.

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Learner Management

Our Learner Management Systems features a College version and Corporate version, enabling management of all students or employees in their learning journey through various academic or corporate programmes.

The College version manages all students’ demographic and online registration process. Using various different modules, we provide a customised Learner Management system, tailored to your precise needs, from courses to finances to registrations.

The Corporate version allows for importing of employees and linking them to an eLearning programme or induction. Employees can request for courses and access a library of eLearning material.

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Human Resources

Our HR modules allow employees, among others, to update their details with a self service HR platform, apply for leave and see leave status, complete their appraisal forms and get feedback, see their skills development plan and access online learning and induction courses, access policies and procedures and digitally sign acceptance thereof.

In addition it caters for –
  • assessment of employee competencies
  • identification of skill gaps
  • implementation of development interventions
  • scheduling of physical resources like boardrooms
  • managing employee attendance
  • manage employee personal development plans with interphase to Learner Management modules
  • manage internal recruitment
  • automatically publish to your website
  • build your own recruitment database

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Intranet Modules

Our Intranet and Extranet systems allow for the efficient management of company information and processes..

The Intranet solutions can be customised to suit exact business and management needs..

The Intranet Software allows a company to show CEO messages, news, notices, polls, departmental information, and any other information. A searchable knowledge management system allows for efficient finding of information and finding people to answer employees questions.

The system can handle incoming requests, online forms and complex process flows including integration to other systems, calendaring, bookings, generating emails, generating PDF documents, quotations, invoices, document verifications, meetings preparation, and a lot more. Facebook type forums provides the latest in collaborative thinking software to get the most out of your employees.

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Financial Systems

Our online financial modules allow the whole company to easily participate in financial operations, such as a request for procurement, or creation of requisitions, or inputting of claims. The financial department can then effectively communicate with the rest of the company and keep each department informed of all requests via their process and status.

Convert your paper based and Excel based financial activities to a more efficient platform. Time savings can be massive and process flow management ensures quality, retaining data integrity and complete audit trails.

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